The ultimate guide to awesome American Pancakes

It’s time for another recipe. One that i only lately started perfecting and refine with various ingredients. These pancakes have become a substantial part of our homely sunday breakfasts. I used to make them exclusively for my wife when i was eating LCHF very strictly – but since these pancakes are so terribly delicious, i treated myself every once in a while – well, now it’s more like every weekend but it’s totally worth it.… Read more

A Web Developer’s New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s not start with the clichés here. I already stopped smoking, changed my food habits and started doing sports last year, so this year, my resolutions are going to be of purely technological and work-related nature. As i find “personal” resolutions a bit an old-fashioned and most of the time also very hypocritical – as i always strive to learn something while “on the job” – here’s some resolutions that in my role as a web developer I will take very seriously in 2014.… Read more

My Top 40 Songs Released in 2013

At last, I managed to finally put together my personal top 40 songs of 2013 and I’ve even written a blog entry about it. I’ve always been a huge fan of music charts as a kid, avidly watching such 80s TV programmes such as “Ronny’s Pop Show” or “Formel Eins” or taping my favorite songs on the weekly charts of my local radio stations – which back in the days were pretty decent in their choice of music or at least they matched my current taste in music back then.… Read more

Video Games that have defined their genres for me

One big passion of mine has always been and will probably always be (i can safely say that now that i passed age 30) video games. In various forms and variations. I really started out on the Amiga as a pre-teen, always loved arcade machines, especially on holidays in italy and at one point even tried so hard at a drawing contest to win an NES that i even won one in the end.… Read more

How to improve your Shell / Command Line Skills

Pimp my Prompt Becoming a UNIX ninja was always a bit of an ambition of mine. Though i’d never consider myself a hacker, “non-computer-people” often call me that. They all go like: “C’mon, you’re a hacker, you can do this!” or “I heard you’re so good with computers, you must be a little bit of a hacker!” – call me names, but i sometimes really love to show off a bit when my Terminal is up and i could throw some commands at it and the console would spit out lines that no mortal man would ever understand, thus staring at me in awe, thinking of me as some sorts of IT god when actually i was just pulling a commit.… Read more

Epic Schüblig

Swiss Pork Sausage with Cheese and Bacon Today, i finally found the time to do a little recipe blogpost as i announced in the “about” section a while now. I admit, it’s a bit of a cheap one, since i did not intentially cook this meal specifically for this blog, but i guess you have to start at some point, so here goes, the “Epic Schüblig”.… Read more