How to improve your Shell / Command Line Skills

Pimp my Prompt Becoming a UNIX ninja was always a bit of an ambition of mine. Though i’d never consider myself a hacker, “non-computer-people” often call me that. They all go like: “C’mon, you’re a hacker, you can do this!” or “I heard you’re so good with computers, you must be a little bit of a hacker!” – call me names, but i sometimes really love to show off a bit when my Terminal is up and i could throw some commands at it and the console would spit out lines that no mortal man would ever understand, thus staring at me in awe, thinking of me as some sorts of IT god when actually i was just pulling a commit.… Read more

Epic Schüblig

Swiss Pork Sausage with Cheese and Bacon Today, i finally found the time to do a little recipe blogpost as i announced in the “about” section a while now. I admit, it’s a bit of a cheap one, since i did not intentially cook this meal specifically for this blog, but i guess you have to start at some point, so here goes, the “Epic Schüblig”.… Read more