My Top 40 Songs Released in 2013

At last, I managed to finally put together my personal top 40 songs of 2013 and I’ve even written a blog entry about it. I’ve always been a huge fan of music charts as a kid, avidly watching such 80s TV programmes such as “Ronny’s Pop Show” or “Formel Eins” or taping my favorite songs on the weekly charts of my local radio stations – which back in the days were pretty decent in their choice of music or at least they matched my current taste in music back then.… Read more

Video Games that have defined their genres for me

One big passion of mine has always been and will probably always be (i can safely say that now that i passed age 30) video games. In various forms and variations. I really started out on the Amiga as a pre-teen, always loved arcade machines, especially on holidays in italy and at one point even tried so hard at a drawing contest to win an NES that i even won one in the end.… Read more