A Web Developer’s New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s not start with the clich├ęs here. I already stopped smoking, changed my food habits and started doing sports last year, so this year, my resolutions are going to be of purely technological and work-related nature. As i find “personal” resolutions a bit an old-fashioned and most of the time also very hypocritical – as i always strive to learn something while “on the job” – here’s some resolutions that in my role as a web developer I will take very seriously in 2014.… Read more

How to improve your Shell / Command Line Skills

Pimp my Prompt Becoming a UNIX ninja was always a bit of an ambition of mine. Though i’d never consider myself a hacker, “non-computer-people” often call me that. They all go like: “C’mon, you’re a hacker, you can do this!” or “I heard you’re so good with computers, you must be a little bit of a hacker!” – call me names, but i sometimes really love to show off a bit when my Terminal is up and i could throw some commands at it and the console would spit out lines that no mortal man would ever understand, thus staring at me in awe, thinking of me as some sorts of IT god when actually i was just pulling a commit.… Read more

Web Developer Essentials

My first shot at a sort of “Top Ten” list – featuring the most essential Tools for Web Developers. This one goes out to web developers getting started as well as more experienced ones. I tried to gather the “Best of Breed” tools which come in handy for all the different areas of expertise when it comes to Web Development – from HTML/CSS Template Coding to Server Side PHP Scripting and more generic tasks such as Version Control or Webserver administration and configuration.… Read more